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Photo by Rachael Koscica

Photo by Rachael Koscica

the story

I'm Jesse Jo! I’ve always been artsy-fartsy (think one-woman musical numbers on the youth soccer field as the ball whizzes by), but it wasn’t until my own wedding that I decided to pursue calligraphy and stationery design. Three years later, here we are! I’m a mama of two, a jazz enthusiast, and a spreadsheet master. But the real miracle of my life is my impressive capacity for French fries and animal factoids. My little family of four calls Phoenix home, and we spend most of our time in the backyard, in pajamas, with a bottle of wine to share. 

I believe the process of deciding on wedding details should be enjoyable, creative, and easy. There really shouldn’t be any excessive stressing involved. Your vendors should work together as a team to collaborate, lend their creativity, and keep everything on track. And, if done correctly, all of your gorgeous event details will point right back to the reason your guests are there in the first place: to celebrate your love.


Freed Hands offers custom stationery, wedding and event signage, and calligraphy to make your special day (or everyday) personalized and unique. This design shop is bold, unfussy, and perfect for those who love hard, enjoy the journey, and focus on the things that matter.

If all of this makes you think "omg yes that's us," send me a note!

Photo by Tor Hawley Creative

Photo by Tor Hawley Creative

Freed Hands, as an act of love and creativity in itself, supports stretching the boundaries of weddings, traditions, marriages to include anyone and everyone willing to take the great risk of loving another person