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Let's Talk About Minted

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Just going to go there. Hold onto your hats, folks.

Minted, if you’re unfamiliar, is a great online tool for designing and ordering your wedding stationery. They have worked with tons of designers to come up with customizable templates that you can have them print and mail to you at a good price point. Wedding planners are partnering with them to boost their businesses whilst giving you a great deal. Their process is automated, so Millennials can accomplish the task without interacting with a single human. I’m not throwing shade about any of this — it is fabulous and I, myself, love not talking to humans when I’m accomplishing tasks. I get it.

It’s gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, and with that, has bred some confusion. Why would I pay a stationery designer to make my wedding invitations if Minted can do it instead?

Well, I’m gonna tell ya. If you are looking for a certain level of service, quality, and overall guidance, Minted (and similar sites) might not be the best option for you. I’m going to make a case for hiring a stationer (like myself!) today, so you can make the call with all the information at your fingertips!

Photo by Marisa Belle Photography

Photo by Marisa Belle Photography


It is a fact that these sites are loaded with designs. This is a great thing, and also an overwhelming thing. You can’t send Minted your moodboard and have it return only the suites that make sense for your aesthetic. Working with a stationer immediately narrows in your vision, so making selections is a more streamlined process, with a lot less noise.


This is an obvious one, but if paper that doesn’t look like anyone’s else’s is a priority to you, these sites are not going to be your jam.


Not sure how to address an envelope to your gay uncles who are both doctors? Got thrown a curveball by your cousin who just moved to Germany? Your fiancee’s niece married a French guy and has a bunch of strange characters in her last name that the computer can’t process? An experienced stationer has your back. These kinds of things come up WITH EVERY SINGLE CLIENT. It could be a late address, a change of date, a rehearsal dinner invitation — anything! There are always questions and exceptions, and experienced stationers will always have your answer or a game plan!


Another benefit of working with a stationer on your wedding invitations is that he or she should also be able to create your day-of stationery (menus, place cards, signage, etc.) to coordinate perfectly with your suite. This way, you aren’t scrounging together signs from Etsy that all feature different hand-lettering styles. You may hear people talk about your wedding “brand” and while it sounds kind of silly, it’s a real thing. All of your pieces should be related.


You love those wax seals and want a gold one with your wedding monogram on every envelope, but HOW. Silk ribbon? So pretty, but where do you get it!?

If you’re interested in gorgeous embellishments (which really take a suite to the next level, IMHO), working with a stationer eliminates roughly 600 additional hours of work. Your stationer can even assemble everything for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger (or burn a finger pouring hot wax everywhere…).


At the end of the day, the rest of your wedding vendors are likely humans. While the online shops are convenient, nothing can replace two humans communicating to each other about your big day. Stationers communicate directly with planners, who communicate with everyone else. Working with a custom stationer is another way to ensure a smooth and confusion-free big day.

Photo by Daniel Kim

Photo by Daniel Kim