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These are the special touches that can elevate your suite!

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Custom wax seals feature a design unique to your invitation suite; this can be a monogram, your venue illustration, a word that is special to you, etc. Wax seals are provided with an adhesive back to allow for easy assembly, and come in a variety of colors and sizes.
From $135

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A vellum overlay provides an opportunity to include an additional illustration, a poem or a set of lyrics into your suite. Vellum is translucent, so your invitation will show through slightly, adding visual dimension as well. Vellum can also be wrapped around your suite and attached with a wax seal.
From $78 (wraps) and $150 (overlay)

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Enclosures are the new "inner envelope," in my opinion. They contain all of your pieces, but are much more practical than the traditional inner envelope. These come in tons of different styles, and make for a very clean presentation. And to any opportunity to infuse more color and personality, I say "absolutely!"
From $200

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Instead of printing guests’ addresses on your envelopes, the addresses can be calligraphed with a pointed pen or drawn with a brush. It’s a romantic touch that is traditional while also very modern. Your guests will feel extra-special!
From $3/envelope

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Liners are magical; they bring everything together and elevate your entire invitation suite. I like to use photographs from gorgeous engagement sessions, custom wedding crests, watercolor patterns, floral designs... the sky is the limit. Envelope liners will definitely take your design to the next level.   
From $150

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Custom postage is printed on adhesive labels, and can feature any design you choose. I like to pull a floral motif or your monogram, to ensure the entire suite is cohesive. Custom postage allows you to have total control of your finished product; no more searching for a stamp that looks “okay” with your invitations!
From $120

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Silk ribbon, either tied or attached with a wax seal, holds your suite together while also elevating the entire design. It can provide a pop of color and a great deal of romance. Silk ribbon is typically hand-dyed and comes in a variety of shades.
From $150

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Another often-forgotten piece of the puzzle is the act of putting it all together. Assembly includes lining envelopes, stamping, organizing pieces, stuffing, sealing items for mailing, and hand-cancelling at the post office! This can be a time-sucker; consider adding assembly services to your proposal if your schedule doesn't allow for it!
From $87.50

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Vintage postage gives your suite a layer of nostalgia, and is another opportunity to personalize your invitations to be completely unique to you and your fiancee. You can opt for an eclectic mix of colors, or a set of stamps that fall within the same color family.
From $135

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Foil stamping is metallic foil applied to paper with a heated die stamp. A custom plate with the design is created and coated with the metallic foil, then it is pressed into the stock. The result is suuuuper-luxurious. Foils come in a lot of different colors, and can also be customized.
From $380

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Traditionally, inserts held info regarding hotel accommodations, attire, and registry details. Now, so much of this is hosted on your wedding website that an insert pointing guests to your url often does the trick! You can also use inserts to invite guests to bonus events, like a welcome cocktail party, farewell brunch, etc.
From $360

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Letterpress printing requires a printing press. A custom die is created and inked, and pressed into a thick, heavy-weight stock. This process causes a relief effect, creating an amazing texture and luxe feel. Because the process is intensive, requiring mixed inks and custom plates, it is much pricier than other printing methods.
From $215