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Photo by Rachael Koscica

Photo by Rachael Koscica


What is it?

An often-overlooked detail at any event is signage. Your guests, bless their hearts, need clear direction. Why not point them towards your cocktail hour in style? Why should your buffet items have sad catering cards in front of them? When done with purpose, your signage can absolutely elevate your overall design. From your welcome sign, to a big "thank you" above your favor table, communicate to your guests with love, love, love! 

How does it work?

It may feel like there are roughly a billion choices to make when it comes to signage. This includes materials (acrylic, wood, chalkboards, paper?), wording, sizing, quantities, colors, and so on. I can make recommendations for all of these categories based on your design plan and your budget. Just send me a note!

Some commonly-requested signage pieces, for reference:

  • Welcome Signage

  • "Unplugged Ceremony" Signage

  • Bar Menus, including Signature Cocktail Signage

  • Buffet Signage

  • Dessert Table Signage

  • Favor Table Signage

  • Cards & Gifts Table Signage

  • Escort Display

  • Social Media Hashtag Signage

Have questions? Reach out!