freed hands

semi-custom stationery

Photo by Rachael Koscica

If you're looking for stationery that packs a punch and is personalized to you and your needs, with an added dose of convenience, you've come to the right place! This semi-custom stationery shop offers predesigned pieces that you can personalize until they feel just right.

Why semi-custom?

  • Saves you time by zeroing in on your options, which is a great thing for the less-decisive or super-busy among us!

  • Frees up space in your budget for all of the amazing details that make your stationery extra-special, like calligraphed envelopes, gorgeous wax seals, and unique vintage postage.

  • Allows for all of this time- and money-saving while also giving you a customized experience (with a human being leading the way!).

Check out Freed Hands’ first semi-custom line, The Flock Collection, as well as ordering information, below.

the flock collection

Jesse Suite Proofs-0044.jpg


Minimalist design, which relies on color and modern lines. Made for off-beat couples who love the nostalgia of vintage stamps, textiles, and records.

Jesse Suite Proofs-0004.jpg


Bold design with hand-lettered names and endless opportunities to personalize, including your favorite poem as a vellum overlay and a bright, custom seal.

Jesse Suite Proofs-0015.jpg


The ultimate suite for the hopeless romantic; perfect for lovers of calligraphy, letterpress, and luxe paper. A treasure for your guests to keep for a lifetime.

Jesse Suite Proofs-0002.jpg

how it works


Make your selection by submitting the form at the bottom of the design of your choice’s page.


When submitting your form, select Embellishments that you’d like to include in your suite.


You will then receive a customized proposal based on your selections and will begin a proofing process.


Jesse Suite Proofs-0070.jpg

Sample packs, which contain a copy of each semi-custom suite, as well as an assortment of offered embellishments and paper and ink options, are available for purchase here.

These samples are for reference and are fully customizable!